Monday, February 09, 2015

BYO Blood

Valentine's Day is just around the corner...

Friday, February 06, 2015

oh hi

alright mofos, baby's back and better than ever. well, maybe not really better than ever,  maybe less than better, in fact it could be said i'm worse now than ever before but what is worse or better really when there's actually no up or down?  i'm just glad i've got a bit of energy again, baby's gonna use it to march on through the bullshit.  baby's gonna refer to herself as baby until baby gets sick of her not so sweet self.  actually baby was sick of her not so sweet self to begin with so baby's gonna make a wild and aimless run for it.

did you miss me?  i didn't.  i was stuck with myself all this time.  don't you feel sorry for me?

don't answer that. it has come to my attention that people don't feel all that sorry for one another.  it has come to my attention that that is a healthy thing.  new information has come to light and now i know a bit about what's really going on. that's right.  i'm onto something now.

the point is i'm back and i still have nothing to say but i'm saying it anyway because i feel like a compulsive oversharer in some moods.  SOME moods.  catch me on another day and baby's dealing what she thinks you wanna hear cause baby gets tired from all the fighting. love is so much easier. and so is hiding behind an avatar.

does this blog embarrass me?  immensely.  but that's life.  my own reflection embarrasses me but i don't run off and live in the shadow of a hole in the ground do i?  fuck no.  i'm gonna take one for the team even though the team's faces are all hazy and smeared out. i'm gonna hit the rain in the nude, gonna get struck by lightening and wake myself up at least before i completely stupefy from top to tip.

i'm stupefying cause i'm reading the same crap as everyone else.  it's important, in the midst of all the whitewashing, to value our own idiosyncrasies and stories, to make the endless boxes we spend our days peering into just a little more real, however annoying and pointless that may seem.  the alternative is too frightening.

remember when i predicted this three years ago?  remember less than a second ago when i claimed i predicted it but what i  really meant to say was that i observed it happening and wrote it down three years ago?  yea.  therein lies the rub.

so slow clap me back please. i hope never to be gone long again.  in fact.  i think i'm gonna go ahead and promise that i will never die.  see yas on the flip. x

Sunday, September 21, 2014

my boy and his motorbike

So this is what 10 months later looks like. You look good.

I'll go back to the beginning or maybe just last February around the time we were being slapped about by a winter from the depths of hell.  Remember all those days? I dreaded having to walk from anywhere to anywhere. 
It's no good for the mind you know. 

This was an ashman made at my local.


Or sit.  Whatever be-ith your pref.  For the record, I'm somewhat sitting down too and by that I mean I'm not exactly going all out with this post. I'm not punching the pictures up to get the message across.  I'm going big. Where size is concerned.
That means you won't even see the entire frame unless you click which you won't cause lord know I wouldn't.

You guys know Andrew right?

Oh god that night. 

Anyhow, when the spring did finally spring, it was like the sound of someone (me) gasping for air (sun) in that crazy, if i don't get oxygen (sun) i'm going to die (won't be able to see you anymore) kind of way. 

I stopped riding my bike to work this year.  It just got too dangerous.  This city needs to make it safer for cyclists to be on the road.  
So cool it drivers. 
I'm talking about co-habitation.
Side by side. Safe.  
I'm talking about 2014 and falling behind and where have all the flowers gone?
Visit some other cities that have worked this shyte out then we'll talk.

Oh yea I loved this campaign. The Help Us Bring Some Life To Our Oakwood Community campaign.  It's almost as hilar as the recent Rediscover The Stairs campaign launched by The City of Toronto's Public Health Department and the Toronto Transit Commission, two institutions who must surely be short on funds. Though this campaign must've cost some tax money if it made its way to myself.

But hey, who cares.  Let's go rediscover the stairs.

Did I show you this? Cal sent away for it for me. I mean he ordered it online. Anyway it works and I love it.

This is Angie.  In the summer we had a small Bravo! reunion with Ward, Angie, Rob and Tim.  We stayed til close if you know what I mean.

Didn't ask don't know.

A favourite night that made me secretly sad.

One night Cal and I went for dinner and the sky just opened up. 

This spider hung out with us on Rogers Road for a WHILE.

Greta and Vanessa making strawberry pie.

Cal was the mastermind behind this.  He grew bok choy so we made these pastries with bok choy and feta.

We took some summer drives to various lakes.  One day we gave this car a boost.

The first of the painting of furniture and such.

Speak for yourself.

I went to San Diego for work.

And we moved, left this place behind. Isn't it weird? That portion of life now only exists in memory.

On the shores of the Great Lakes and indeed they are great.

I went to this women's conference in Port Elgin. It is very beautiful there.

With Port Eglin as our hub, we took road trips to see other landscapes and check out different store/barn type places.

You know the feeling?


This was on my 35th birthday, Cal and I went for dinner. 

Cal built a few new bookshelves for our new place, here's one that now holds our records.

Tomato Sauce 2014

Murder Scene

A gift from my parents.  It is all a gift from my parents.

This indoor pool was in a house when I went on the set of a film for work, I'd never seen an indoor pool in someone's home before. I couldn't believe it was carpeted around the pool.

Bryan likes symmetry and churches in photos so I tried to take this for him but it didn't turn out all that symmetrical.

This is our little garden we brought from the balcony at the old house.  We have lettuces and bok choy and swiss chard and herbs and an avocado plant...

Crosswords. Can't get enough.

We went to the Cirque and it completely blew my mind.

We had a late family celebration at the end of this summer. It was already September. It was my fault. 

And I guess that's about a year in a nutshell. Not really. There's so much left unsaid but there's too much said as well and always...  

Wednesday, November 13, 2013


new muse have i: charlie brooker.  

favourite excerpts include: 

I've recently been overwhelmed by the sheer amount of jabber in the world: a vast cloud of blah I felt I was contributing to

Incidentally, I'm aware this is Olympic-level navel gazing, but you're a human being with free will who can stop reading any time. Here, have a full stop. And another. And another. There are exits all over this building.
Twitter's better for back-and-forth discussion anyway, if you could be arsed with it. Yelling out the window at passersby is another option.
and he posted this pic and caption with the article:
It's time for me to stop shouting …
A stock shot of a man sharing one of his many fascinating opinions. Photograph: Alamy

he's also behind this beautiful, bleak show black mirror which doesn't compare to any tv i've ever seen.  it's out of this world fantastic.

halloween happened.
other things happened too.  

for instance,

lou reed died.  

our mayor smokes crack.

my father went to italy after not having been back since he left as a little boy.

i found a chinese restaurant in toronto that i like that delivers.

i now use/am a mobile device.

i still love love.